The Evening News is Always Good on Moloka`i

Molokai Sunset © lynette sheppard

Molokai Sunset © lynette sheppard

We deplaned at the tiny Moloka`i airport, where friend Rik picked us up in an old red Toyota 4 runner. We oohed and aahed on the short drive upcountry to their home, passing through waving green pastures and stands of Cook Island Pines. We wound down a red dirt road to a rustic house, where Rik’s wife Bronwyn greeted us on the lanai

“Quick, take off your clothes.” Ooookaaaay. “The evening news is about to start.”

Hey, we were children of the 60’s and 70’s respectively and had lived many years in Northern California. So we took off our clothes, somewhat bemused by the request.

Bronwyn led us around the corner to a claw foot bathtub filled with bubbles. Two Dos Equis and a ceramic bowl of crisp tortilla chips rested on a table next to it. A panoramic western view spread out before us.

“Get in, relax and watch the news. Our news consists of the sun setting behind Diamond Head on Oahu. The evening news is always good on Moloka`i. We’ll see you in an hour.”

Our interest in this lovely island turned to enchantment over the course of that hour. And that delight has only deepened over the years.

We try to watch the sunset wherever we are on the island even now. And Bronwyn was right. The news is always good on Moloka`i.