Hu’s on First?

Hula Kahiko Movement © lynette sheppard

Hula Kahiko Movement © lynette sheppard

It’s so wonderful to be back home on Moloka`i after a summer of family and fun on the mainland. So Moloka`i Moments is back up and running. And here is a true Abbott and Costello moment from right here on the island.

My hula teacher was teaching a new song, very pretty with lovely choreography. Dear friend and hula sister, Rae, went up to her after the class to inquire about the music, so she could buy the CD. (We like to support our artists here rather than just duplicating CD’s. After all, they put their hearts and souls out there for us.)

“Who did this CD?” she asked.

“Whoevah,” replied my hula teacher.

“No, I mean, what is the name of the group, so I can get the music.”


“No, I really want to know.” Rae was genuinely puzzled by now.

“Here, I’ll write it down for you,” smiled our hula instructor.

She wrote Hū`eva. That’s the name of the group. And the album. After much laughter, the misunderstanding was no more. And Hū`eva is a fantastic Hawai`ian group. The name translates as “to sing or create on their own path.” You can find the CD at – click here.

Moloka`i Is A Big Hana

West End Molokai From the Air © lynette sheppard

West End Molokai From the Air © lynette sheppard

My husband, Dewitt, and I were frequent visitors to Maui a couple of decades ago. We were addicted to windsurfing, particularly in the glorious waters of the Hawai`ian islands. Though we had also visited Oahu, Kaua`i and Hawai`i island, we never seriously thought about living in the 50th state.

As luck would have it, our friends Rik and Bronwyn Cooke, invited us to their home on Moloka`i. After a week of sailing and sunburn, we made our way to the tiny commuter terminal at Maui’s Kahului airport. A big, smiling Hawai`ian man tagged our bags and weighed us preparatory for boarding the little Twin Otter prop plane.

“You ever been to Moloka`i?” he asked.

“No,” I answered. “This is my first time.”

He thought for a moment, then asked “Have you ever been to Hana?”

“Oh yes. I LOVE Hana!” I exclaimed, remembering the slow pace of the tiny rural village at the literal end of the road in Maui.

“Then you’re going to the right place. Moloka`i is a big Hana.” he beamed.

Lei Hali`a: Flowers of Memory

Lei Hali`a © lynette sheppard

Lei Hali`a © lynette sheppard

I think of each remembered Moloka`i moment as a pua, a flower. These snapshots of Moloka`i life and lore are strung together in my heart to form a perfect lei. Like a lei, there is no specific beginning or end. It is a circle of memories. They exist in Moloka`i time; non-linear, connected, and precious –  like  flowers in a lei.

This blog is not a travelogue nor a history lesson nor even a treatise on culture. It is a collection of personal experiences and observations  resulting from my love affair with the island I am blessed to call my home. Moloka`i nui a Hina. (Moloka`i, Great Child of Hina, Goddess of the Moon.)