Lei Hali`a: Flowers of Memory

Lei Hali`a © lynette sheppard

Lei Hali`a © lynette sheppard

I think of each remembered Moloka`i moment as a pua, a flower. These snapshots of Moloka`i life and lore are strung together in my heart to form a perfect lei. Like a lei, there is no specific beginning or end. It is a circle of memories. They exist in Moloka`i time; non-linear, connected, and precious –  like  flowers in a lei.

This blog is not a travelogue nor a history lesson nor even a treatise on culture. It is a collection of personal experiences and observations  resulting from my love affair with the island I am blessed to call my home. Moloka`i nui a Hina. (Moloka`i, Great Child of Hina, Goddess of the Moon.)

6 thoughts on “Lei Hali`a: Flowers of Memory

  1. LOVE THIS, Lynette. I think of coming back to the islands often and brining my family and can’t imagine coming and not taking them to beautiful Molokai. The picture is absolutely stunning and I thank you for posting these thoughts that we can live through from the mainland! Buffy

    • Thanks so much, Buffy! I’ve been thinking about it for a long time – thought about writing a book, but blogging seems to fit right now. Hope we do get to see you and your family here on island sometime soon. Until then, Aloha!

  2. Love! The image is gorgeous– and I mean both the photo and the analogy to a lei. Perfect!
    Look forward to seeing you soon! Please tell everyone you know to wave to the Red Hot Ladies as we pedal around your beautiful island, making leis of our own.

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